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So for all of those who read Online Tech Tips, you know that my articles are usually pretty long and go a little more in-depth about the topic. I?ve always found that this way of writing helps beginners understand tech stuff more easily.

But there are many times when a long article is not always needed. Unfortunately, until now, I?ve mostly just skipped those tips and written about more substantial things.

But for those of you who prefer small posts with links or quick tips pointing you to all the other great stuff on the Internet, I have created a new website.

WindowsBytes is a super minimalist blog designed to get bring you the best links, tips, and other random tech stuff from the Internet in an easily digestible manner.

Most posts on WindowsBytes are just a paragraph long and end with a link to another site where you can learn more.

Also, WindowsBytes will be updated more frequently than Online Tech Tips since writing a one paragraph post doesn?t take long.

So head over to WindowsBytes and subscribe to the RSS feed for a little while and see how you like it.

Here are some examples of posts that I?ve written for WindowsBytes.

Send out event invites on Twitter using schmaps

Merge and split PDF files


Keep your Gmail account secure using these tips

And there are lots more tiny ?bytes? of tips like this on WindowsBytes. There?s something for everyone and you don?t have to spend 20 minutes trying to read it all either.

If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments! Enjoy the new site!

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