XP Users Can Speed the Reinstall Program File Process

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It seems inevitable - there are times when you will need to reinstall a software program on your computer. The process becomes tedious when you just want to reinstall a single corrupt or missing file within a vast directory. (For example, when you get one of those pesky missing dll file or print driver alerts.)

The Windows XP file copy dialog box doesn't offer a "No to All" option. You can get clicker's cramp repeatedly clicking "No" as the file copy dialog box asks if you wish to overwrite each and every individual file within a directory.

You can outsmart that persistent dialog box and tell your computer not to copy all duplicated files with a single command.

When the file copy dialog box appears asking if you wish to overwrite the first file, hold down the SHIFT key and click "no." This automatically will answer no for subsequent files. Windows will ask you again for the first folder it encounters. Follow the procedure again to automatically answer no for all folders. This will speed the file copying process.