Remove a LinkedIn Contact Connection

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Do you have a contact on LinkedIn that keeps on sending messages that clutter your feed with all sorts of useless stuff? It seems getting rid of them is not as simple as it is on other social networks.

You’d think simply accessing that contact’s profile would provide you with a link to get rid of them, but it doesn’t. Here’s how to properly remove a connection you no longer want. 

Remove LinkedIn Connection

Log in to your account and select Contacts on the top menu of your LinkedIn homepage. Then click Connections. 

Image: Tech Tip - Jan. 28, 2013

On the next page, use search and / or filters to find the contact you want to remove.

Image: Tech Tip - Jan. 28, 2013

Now check the contact’s name, or names if you want to remove more than one. The selected contacts show up in the right hand column. Click the “X” icon next to each one of them and the contact will be removed. 

Tech Tip - Jan. 28, 2013

There you go! Now the contact has been removed.

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