Outlook 2010: Create a Rule to Move New Messages to a Specific Folder

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If you get several emails each day from the same sender, your inbox can get out of hand quickly. To keep your inbox organized, create a rule to move emails to a folder when they’re received.

Launch Outlook and highlight the message from the contact you want to move. Right-click it and select Rules >> Create Rule.

The Create Rule dialog opens. Check the From box – where in this case it's Newegg.com. Then click Select Folder.

The Rules and Alerts window opens, create or browse to the folder you want the mail moved to. Click OK.

The Create Rule window will remain open. The box next to the folder you're moving the emails to. Click OK.

Success. Outlook will start the rule on existing messages. Click OK

Outlook moves everything from that sender to the folder you specified.

This basic rule that lets you gain control of your Inbox – bring order to chaos.

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