How to Delete Google Chrome Browsing History, Cache and Cookies

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Chrome does an excellent job of storing your browsing history, cache and cookies to optimize the performance and usability of surfing the internet. That said, if you’re privacy-minded or just like to run a tight ship, clearing away old browser data is a good practice to do on a regular basis. Although Chrome allows you to automatically clear your cookies each time you close the browser, clearing your history and cache need to be done manually. Fortunately, the process is simple for Chrome on both Windows, Mac and mobile, but for those readers who’ve never done it before, simply follow the steps below.

How to Delete the Google Chrome Cache


In Google Chrome click the More icon Settings

Note: If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, here are the keys for Mac and Windows

  • Windows CTRL+SHIFT+DEL
  • macOS : shift+command+delete

Click Advanced > Clear Browsing Data

From the Clear browsing data menu, click the drop-down and select the time frame you want to nuke. You can also delete other browsing data as well including:

  • Delete Browsing history
  • Delete Download history
  • Delete Cached images and files
  • Delete Cookies and other site data
  • Delete saved Passwords
  • Delete Autofill form data
  • Delete hosted data
  • Delete Media licenses

Now your Google Chrome cache and history should be purged! Google has followed Firefox’s example in making it easy to clear the cache and surprisingly the entire process looks like and works very similar.

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