How to Assign Tasks In Outlook 2010

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If you're in charge of a team who's working on a project …delegate. Using the Assign Tasks feature in Outlook is a great way to assign jobs to others on your team. Here's how to use the Assign Tasks feature in Outlook 2010.

Note: This feature is available in previous versions of Outlook, too.

To assign a task, expand the To Do pane in Outlook. Then below the calendars, type in a task and press Enter. In this example I am having a member of my team research the Facebook IPO in detail.

Image: Tech Tip - May 14, 2012

Next, right click on the task and select Assign Task from the Context Menu.

Image: Tech Tip - May 14, 2012

The task screen comes up. Now, enter the email address of the contact(s) of the people of whom you want to assign a task. Enter the Start and Due date, Status, Priority and percentage that's complete. Then send it off to the recipients.

Image: Tech Tip - May 14, 2012

Now the other people on your team can add the task to their list, send status reports and manage the task in Outlook to work best for them.

Image: Tech Tip - May 14, 2012

You can use this feature over the web or on a local network in a business. It's yet another tool that allows people to stay in touch and collaborate on important projects.

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