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CPE PRESENTED BY: Dr. Bobby E. Waldrup, Coggin College of Business Associate Dean at the University of North Florida.

Dr. Waldrup is the Associate Dean of the Coggin College of Business and an Associate Professor of Accounting at the University of North Florida. He has taught numerous CPE presentations on software piracy, internal control issues related to automation and e-commerce for accountants, as well as presentations in the area of fraud accounting.

CPE Topic: Detection of Financial Deception
3 hours CPE A&A

Topics of discussion:
Complex nature of financial deception, Four-pronged methodology to detection, Technological Advances in Detection of Financial Deception and case studies

June 15, 2010
Event A&A CPE - NFP/Governmental
Time 4-7 pm
Location Magnolia Golf & Country Club
Speaker Dr. Gary Fane