The FICPA Council is the Institute’s governing body. It sets the policies and procedures that help the Institute realize its mission.

The Council has 30 voting members and one non-voting member. It is comprised of six regional representatives, 11 members-at-large, the two most recent past chairs and the 12 members of the Board of Directors. The President/CEO of the Institute serves as Secretary-Treasurer (a non-voting member) for both the Board of Directors and Council.


Gary Fracassi


Abby Dupree

Past Chairs

Joey Epstein
Alan West


Kristin Bivona
Julian Dozier
Sarah Funk
Brad Gould
Tarsha Jacobs
Alan Jowers
Karen Lake
W. G. Spoor
Carey Vasallo


Ed Duarte
Delia Finnerty
Anne Marie Hicks
Nancy Juron
Candy Kessel
Key O’Keefe
Lahteefah Parramore
Pat Patterson
Erin Perdue
Andrea Riesen
Cheri Swain

Regional Representatives

Mona Jackson, Region I
Kitty Jordan, Region II
Bill Kaser, Region III
Dan Henn, Region IV
Jason Klein, Region VI


Deborah L. Curry