It started in 1905.

That year, Walter Mucklow, T.G. Hutchinson, and two other Florida accountants envisioned an association that would stand for an open exchange of ideas and high standards in accounting.

After lobbying the legislature, pushing through the first accountancy law in the Southern states, and creating an accountancy exam, they formed a group of accountants under the name of the Florida Society of Accountants.

And with that, the FICPA we know today started to take shape.


The objectives the association was founded on were:

1. To promote a higher standard of efficiency in the science of accounting and the art of bookkeeping.

2. To bring together those interested directly or indirectly in matters of accounting, to promote the exchange of ideas, and to encourage mutual assistance between members.

3. To encourage the adoption of improved methods and to secure uniformity in matters of accounting.

4. To promote confidence between the public accountant, the bookkeeper, and the man of business.


The legislation they'd secured was groundbreaking.

It established the Board of Accountancy, which began requiring tests for qualified accountants and penalties for violations. The Board was also authorized to grant certificates to those candidates who passed the tests.

It laid the foundation for the certification system that we know and trust today.

The first State Board of Accountancy appointed by Governor Broward was composed of Mucklow, E.I. Matthews, and George R. DeSaussure. The Board immediately began to function and granted its first five certificates.


With interests in building a governmental relations program, the Board of Governors voted in 1979 to relocate the FICPA’s headquarters to Tallahassee, Florida. In 1985, the FICPA moved into its new, official headquarters within walking distance of the Florida State Capitol. Four years later, the building was expanded.

When it celebrated its 100-year anniversary on April 20, 2005, it represented more than 18,400 CPAs throughout Florida.


The FICPA has a long history of standing up for Florida's accountants and helping them be their best.

Since our founding in 1905, we’ve stayed true to our original principles by connecting, leading, and transforming Florida’s CPAs and businesses.

We hope that you’ll join us for all of the successes yet to come.