Accounting for Intangible Assets and Other Capitalization Issues (19-1)

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4.0 Credits

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After completing this course, you will be able to: (1) distinguish between costs that should be capitalized to intangible assets and costs that must be expensed; (2) account for intangible assets with finite and indefinite useful lives; (3) apply the two-step impairment test to intangible assets; (4) identify the major differences between U.S. GAAP and IFRS in relation to the impairment test of intangible assets; (5) account for computer software to be used internally and computer software to be sold, leased, or marketed; (6) classify costs that relate to research and development (R&D) activities; and (7) record the proper period-end adjusting journal entries in relation to prepaid expenses.

Major Topics

Introduction, Intangible Assets Distince from Goodwill, Goodwill, Patents, Computer Software, Research and Developtment (R&D) Costs, Prepayments


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