Blockchain Fundamentals for Accounting and Finance Professionals Certificate

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16.0 Credits

Be at the forefront of shaping the adoption of blockchain in accounting and finance. Lay the foundation for your future as a strategic business partner within your organization and with your clients. With real-world literacy on blockchain and cryptoassets, you will be empowered to translate the technology into relevant business application and value for you and your organization. Learn the characteristics of blockchain and cryptoassets, identify opportunities and risks, and understand high-level technology concepts underpinning blockchain. Use a cryptocurrency wallet in a hands-on transaction exercise and verify information written to a block, and perform a hands-on hash activity exercise, then verify it. Learn to differentiate between current state and future state.


Recall the foundational constructs behind Blockchain technology and cryptoassets, structure and functionality. Recognize the benefits, values and opportunities of Blockchain for your organization. Recognize Blockchain risks and challenges as you consider implementing this technology within your organization. Recognize regulatory concerns and governance related to Blockchain implementations. Recall practical applications and use cases by looking into ledgers, transactions, and smart contracts Recognize the current landscape, business applications and financial control considerations associated with Blockchain use

Major Topics

Blockchain Evolution and Technology Concepts Blockchain: Using and Securing Cryptocurrencies Blockchain: Benefits, Values, and Opportunities Risks and Challenges of Blockchain Blockchain Trends Permissioned Ledgers and Other Solutions Transactions and Smart Contracts The Blockchain Landscape Blockchain: Process and Technical Controls

Designed For

CPAs Public accounting leaders Managers and staff CFOs Controllers Finance leaders Management accountants Non-IT finance professionals.
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