Integrating Investments with the Financial Plan

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2.0 Credits

Demonstrate your value by coordinating your clients' advisers, a skill-set which will always be in demand and appreciated. Investment Planning is complicated and requires working with the clients' other advisers. Yet, with such a wide variety of advisers in the marketplace, many clients are confused over the disparate roles. The most trusted adviser, the personal financial planner is the logical choice to coordinate other advisers.

In this CPE course, you will learn how to simplify the roles of the various advisers and put the client at ease. This two-hour course examines the monitoring and updating phase of the investment planning engagement and discusses some of the types of advisers the personal financial planner may be working with, as well as the integration of the investment plan with the other areas of personal financial planning.


  • Recall the role of an insurance broker.
  • Identify the legal document that serves as a temporary insurance contract.
  • Differentiate among the various individuals that can sell an insurance contract.
  • Identify the licenses required to sell variable insurance products.
  • Recognize the elements of a fiduciary duty.
  • Recall the entity that guarantees cash values of an insurance contract.

Major Topics

  • Coordination with the client's financial advisers
  • Integration with other areas of PFP

Designed For

CPAs and financial planners with basic knowledge of, and interest in, personal financial planning.

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