Investment Data Gathering and Analysis

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3.0 Credits

Illustrating how the client's attitude toward their financial goals and investment risk will direct the personal financial planner in the creation of the investment plan, this three-part course covers:

  • Assessment of risk
  • Determining and prioritizing goals
  • Gathering client information
  • Macroeconomic variables
  • Performing financial analysis

Any financial analysis of an investment portfolio requires a good old fashioned "investment" of time with a financial calculator. To provide a reasoned analysis of an investment portfolio, a personal financial planner should be adept at using a financial calculator and have a solid understanding of the concepts of the time value of money. In this course, we will review the time value of money techniques applicable to the financial analysis of an investment portfolio, as well as the use of a financial calculator.


  • Recall the elements of SMART goal planning.
  • Identify the methods for assessing a client's risk.
  • Calculate the inflation rate based on the Consumer Price Index.
  • Distinguish between the types of economic indicators.
  • Calculate an inflation-adjusted return.
  • Identify the nominal rate of return.
  • Determine the appropriate application of the time value of money functions.

Major Topics

  • Assessment of Risk
  • Macro-Economic Variables
  • Financial Analysis

Designed For

CPAs and financial planners with basic knowledge of, and interest in, personal financial planning.

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