Cybersecurity Practical Applications Certificate Program

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12.0 Credits

In your role as an accounting professional, you will likely be involved in assessing and mitigating cybersecurity risk, and determining what will be done in the event of a cybersecurity breach.

Through this engaging certificate program, you will learn:

  • Common cybersecurity risks and how to minimize those risks;
  • Good cyber hygiene at the organizational and personal level;
  • Available cybersecurity related services;
  • Business events that trigger cybersecurity considerations;
  • Proactive responses in the event of a cyberattack;
  • Considerations for assessing the effectiveness of a cybersecurity risk management program;
  • Cybersecurity best practices in today's business environment.
  • Empower yourself to implement a sound cybersecurity risk management program that will help your organization avoid cyberattacks and recover quickly when they do occur.


  • Formulate key concepts and skills to build upon a solid audit foundation specifically related to employee benefit plans, including defined contribution retirement plans (DC plans), defined benefit pension plans (DB plans), and health and welfare plans (H&W plans.)
  • Evaluate advanced plan-specific audit circumstances.
  • Interpret advanced EBP audit concepts through a mock plan-specific audit.
  • Interpret regulatory requirements and professional standards related to engagement acceptance, planning, and quality control for employee benefit plan audits.
  • Assess the control environment of employee benefit plans, including the portion of the control environment at a service organization, through analytics, inquiry, and observation.
  • Assess presentation and disclosure requirements in accordance with GAAP for employee benefit plans.

Major Topics

  • Determine how to prevent and respond to common cyber threats
  • Identify tools and processes for good cyber hygiene.
  • Identify the key elements of a cybersecurity risk management program (CRMP).
  • Select the appropriate services needed by your organization or client to prevent and respond to common cyber threats
  • identify cybersecurity best practices

Designed For

Accounting and finance professionals who actively participate in their organization's risk management, budgeting, or strategy-setting activities.

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