Forensic Accountant's Role in Deposition and Testimony

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2.5 Credits

Experts usually abound in a court room setting, from lawyers to the testifying experts. Through narration by an industry subject matter expert and application exercises, this CPE course will help you to identify and apply the characteristics and key factors related to effective deposition testimony, trial techniques, and testifying expert roles.


  • Identify characteristics of and differentiate between consulting expert and testifying expert roles.
  • Define what constitutes a deposition.
  • Apply key factors and considerations related to effective deposition testimony.
  • Use techniques to present clear, persuasive, and effective trial testimony.

Major Topics

  • Parties involved in depositions or trials
  • Court cases and rules of evidence applicable to expert testimony
  • Opposing attorney motives and objectives
  • Cross-examination, redirect, and recross

Designed For

Accountants in industry and public practice involved in forensic accounting activities

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