Form 990 Preparation: Schedules

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2.5 Credits

The IRS Form 990 is made up of the core form and sixteen schedules that, taken together, are used by the IRS to monitor compliance with federal income tax law applicable to tax-exempt, not-for-profit organizations. In this CPE course, you will take a closer look at the required schedules of the IRS Form 990. You will consider real-world examples and apply what you learned through interactive e-learning exercises. Also discussed are potential red flags to avoid.


  • Identify the process to prepare the most common Form 990 schedules.
  • Analyze a scenario to determine the correct amount, line item, and schedule for Form 990 reporting.
  • Recognize the reporting considerations for the most common Form 990 schedules.

Major Topics

  • Walkthrough of Form 990 schedules
  • Reporting thresholds
  • Public support test
  • Lobbying and political activities
  • Foreign activities
  • Special events
  • Gaming
  • Insider compensation
  • Non-cash contributions
  • Domestic grantmaking
  • Related parties
  • Reconciling Form 990 to GAAP basis financial statements

Designed For

CPAs, financial professionals and NFP staff and board members looking to deepen their existing knowledge of NFP financial responsibility, and set themselves apart as a leader in this field
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