Preparing Consolidated Financial Statements

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1.5 Credits

This CPE course offers you detail-rich examples and case studies that will help you understand when and how to prepare consolidated financial statements. Included in the course resources are two flow charts that will assist is determining if consolidation is required, as well as various financial statement examples.


  • Identify the characteristics of consolidated financial statements.
  • Apply the principle of control to determine whether an NFP controls another entity and, therefore, should prepare consolidated statements.
  • Determine the effect of a particular transaction on the consolidated statements.
  • Identify how to prepare consolidated financial statements in accordance with GAAP

Major Topics

  • Related party transactions
  • Controlling interests in other entities
  • Economic interests in other entities
  • Investments in for-profit entities
  • Accounting entries to perform consolidation
  • Consolidating financial statements
  • Note disclosures

Designed For

CPAs, financial professionals and NFP staff and board members looking to deepen their existing knowledge of NFP financial responsibility, and set themselves apart as a leader in this field
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