Tax-Exempt Status

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2.0 Credits

This CPE course focuses on the tax compliance fundamentals for charitable organizations and gives insight into issues of the various types of other tax-exempt organizations in the NFP sector, such as business leagues, associations and fraternal organizations, among others. Topics covered include applying for exemption, eligibility to receive tax-deductible contributions, the public support test for public charities, and an overview of activities that may jeopardize an NFP's tax-exempt status.


  • Recall what it means to have tax-exempt status.
  • Differentiate between and recognize the basic compliance requirements of various types of tax-exempt organizations, including charitable organizations.
  • Identify the IRS filing requirements for exempt organizations.
  • Recall the activities that a tax-exempt organization should limit to protect its tax-exempt status.
  • Identify the criteria for qualifying as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and those organizations that may qualify as publicly supported.
  • Recall how to perform the public support test calculation.

Major Topics

  • The meaning of tax-exempt status
  • Exempt organizations in the NFP sector
  • 501 (c)(3) charitable organizations
  • Public charities
  • Public support test requirement
  • Private foundations
  • Other tax-exempt entities
  • Eligibility to receive tax-deductible contributions
  • Life cycle of an exempt organization
  • Applying for exemption
  • Required filings
  • Ongoing compliance requirements

Designed For

CPAs, financial professionals and NFP board members who need an overview of tax-exempt status and basic compliance issues facing not-for-profits.
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