Information Technology and eBusiness

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1.5 Credits

This CPE course defines the levels of information strategy and addresses the strategic context of information technology (IT), including analysis models and the McFarlan grid. It looks at the barriers and benefits to e-business, as well as the latest developments in the commercial use of the internet.


  • Identify the strategies for knowledge management.
  • Recognize the impact of information technology and information systems (IT/IS) on an organization and its strategy.
  • Identify the information systems required to sustain the organization, including social and digital marketing.
  • Recognize the strategic and competitive impact of information systems, including e-business and the internet.

Major Topics

  • The purpose and content of information systems strategies.
  • The need for information systems strategy to be complementary to the corporate and individual business unit strategies.
  • The impact of information technology (IT), including the internet, on an organization (utilising frameworks such as Porter's Five Forces and the Value Chain).

Designed For

CGMA exam candidates Management accountants wanting to develop skills in strategy development and implementation
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