Risk Overview

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1.0 Credits

This CPE course defines and categorizes the many types of risks facing a business. Risks are considered events that affect the achievement of an organization's overall objectives, which should be reflected in its strategic aims. The course examines CIMA's risk management cycle, and the more commonly-used risk categories such as political, legal and regulatory risks, business risks, financial risks, and international operations risks. Each of these categories have several subcategories which are also covered.


  • Identify the types of risk facing an organization
  • Recall the steps in the risk management cycle

Major Topics

  • Upside and downside risks arising from internal and external sources and from different managerial decisions.
  • Risks arising from international operations, such as cultural differences and differences between legal systems.
  • Strategic and operational risks.
  • Reputational risks associated with social and environmental impacts.

Designed For

CGMA exam candidates Management accountants wanting to develop skills in governance and risk management
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