Risk Management

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2.5 Credits

This CPE course explores what risk is, and why a business would incur risk. It describes the risk management cycle as well as identifying and categorizing risks. This course looks at business risk, risk management, as well as the TARA framework, transference, avoidance, reduction, and acceptance. In addition, it includes ethical issues as sources of risk, example of threats and safeguards, and the overall public interest.


  • Apply the transfer, avoid, reduce, and accept (TARA) framework to decision making
  • Recognize business risk
  • Identify safeguards against ethical threats

Major Topics

  • What is risk and why incur it
  • Risk management cycle
  • Identifying and categorizing risk
  • Business risk, management, and strategy
  • Risk management - The TARA framework
  • Ethical issues as sources of risk
  • Example threats and safeguards
  • The public interest

Designed For

Management accountants wanting to develop skills in financial performance management CGMA exam candidates
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