Forecasting Techniques

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3.0 Credits

This CPE course explores forecasting techniques related to budgeting. This course explains the high-low method, which is a method of breaking semi-variable costs into their two components (fixed costs and variable costs). It includes the three steps related to semi-variable costs, determine the variable costs, find the fixed costs, and then calculate the expected costs. In addition, it includes a discussion on regression analysis, adjusting forecasts for inflation, as well as time series analysis.


  • Calculate forecasts of financial results
  • Calculate projected product and service volumes, revenue, and costs employing appropriate forecasting techniques and taking account of cost structures

Major Topics

  • The high-low method
  • Regression analysis
  • Adjusting forecasts for inflation
  • Time series analysis

Designed For

Management accountants wanting to develop skills in financial performance management CGMA exam candidates
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