Budgeting Process

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2.0 Credits

This CPE course explores decentralization, and cost, profit and investment centers. It includes the meaning of budgetary control which is about assessing actual performance against budgeted performance and taking corrective action when necessary. It explains feedback and feedforward control, which are two main types of control systems. Illustrations are included throughout this course to help with the application of the budgeting process.


  • Identify conceptual aspects of responsibility accounting.
  • Identify elements of budgetary control.
  • Calculate budget variances.
  • Identify non-financial aspects of budgetary control.

Major Topics

  • Decentralization
  • Cost, profit and investment centers
  • The meaning of budgetary control
  • Feedback and feedforward control
  • Fixed and flexible budgets
  • Responsibility accounting and controllability of costs
  • The behavioral aspects of budgetary control
  • Behavioral aspects of budgeting

Designed For

Management accountants wanting to develop skills in financial performance management CGMA exam candidates
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