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Over the past two years, contributions from members like you have helped the FICPA Scholarship Foundation provide over $200,000 in scholarships to over 120 deserving Florida accounting students. Meet our most recent scholarship recipients. Past recipients have expressed their appreciation for the FICPA Scholarship Foundation - their words best explain how beneficial your contributions are to their future.

“The FICPA Scholarship Foundation scholarship is tremendous. It allows students to continue their education, when they may not have been able to handle the financial burden themselves. I strongly encourage anyone who reads this to make a small donation to the foundation. In difficult economic times, every little bit of financial assistance we can give those trying to enter the accounting field truly is a wise investment.”
    – David Reali, Foundation Scholarship Recipient

“Receiving the FICPA Scholarship Foundation scholarship not only provided me with the financial help I needed to meet my tuition obligations, it also introduced me in a very positive way to the FICPA and its members.”
    – Maria Perez-Abreu, Foundation Scholarship Recipient

“I’d like to thank all the FICPA members who make this scholarship possible for their continued support of education. It is a fantastic award and I appreciate it very much! Thank you all for putting so much faith in today’s students and tomorrow’s industry leaders.”
      – Kaylyn Wilkin, Foundation Scholarship Recipient