Section Strategic Planning Meeting Friday, July 9, 2010

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Valuation, Forensic Accounting and Litigation Services

Section Strategic Planning Meeting
Friday, July 9, 2010

In attendance: Robin Lennon, Chair; Arlene, Ravalo-Jao; Paul, Dumm, Scott Steadman; Robert Baldree; Gary Colbert; Richard Dotson; Kristin DiMeo; David Isley; Kenton Thompson;

The meeting was brought to order at 9:00am by Robin Lennon.

  1. Introductions
  2. Discussion of Section Survey
  • The committee reviewed the survey results presented and requested that the survey be reissued using the survey they created earlier this year.
  • Requested a list of the 23 individuals who answered yes to question #5 regarding their desire to volunteer.
  1. Section List Serve
    • Robin would like to kick start the use of the list serv, possibly with anonymous responses.  Also with each member of the committee offering up questions on a regular basis.
  2. Discussion of Leadership Roles
    • Reviewed the structure of the Section and determined that it works well as is. 
    • Review the list of section members and ensure that they wish to continue serving
    • Receive a participation/attendance update from FICPA staff as to the involvement of the current committee
      • Based on list contact members to determine their wiliness to continue serving.
      • Review/create a Succession Plan for the Committee.

Strategic Plan Updates:

Goal 1

Objective 1 – Arlene provided an update on the Web site. She has developed a new resource list for keeping the website updated.

The current list of volunteers was reviewed. Areas still requiring resources were discussed and suggestions were made to fill those gaps.  The coordinator will update the task force contact information.

Discussion of how we get new content:

  • Have each member agree to populate the website
  • Showcase the website at the annual conference with a PowerPoint presentation during lunch.  The committee chair met with the Executive Committee to approve the expense.
  • Track and report on website list serve traffic monthly.
  • In the monthly newsletter post listing of updated content on website

Objective 2 – Robin Lennon reiterated his statement that participants are reluctant to post.

Suggestions to increase activity include:

  • Promote anonymous posting.
  • Work with the committee and FICPA members to populate the listserv

Objective 3 – This objective was eliminated

Motion was made by David Isley. Seconded by Paul Dumm. All members agreed, motion carried.

Objective 4 – Discussion regarding the copyright of editorial content submitted to FICPA for Florida CPA Today articles as needed.

Discuss was to continue promoting the need for articles in the Florida CPA Today.

Goal 2

Objective 1 – Hold the 2010 VFALS Conference.
Committee agreed to maintain this objective, Sandi Perez moves into the coordinator position and Marcie Bour falls in line for 2012.

Objective 2 – The committee decid3ed to seek additional positions on the relations with the Florida Bar Committee by section members.  Arlene Ravola-Jao was made Objective Coordinator.

Goal 3

Objective 1 – No changes were made to objective 1; dates were updated.

Goal 4

Objective 1 – Develop Section Task Forces: No changes were made to Objective 1, dates were updated       

Objective 2 – Review VFALS Leadership Succession Plan
The steering committee discussed the importance of having a plan and established target dates for the implementation of such a plan.  Requested information from FICPA staff on any written plans currently in existence.  David Isley will lead the development of a leadership recruitment program.  Bob Lynch and Scott Stedman would develop volunteer recruitment strategies to get more general section members involved.

At this time the floor was opened for proposals of any new goals/objectives for 2010-11. None were brought forward.

Staff has created an action items list for the committee based on the discussion during the committee meeting.  This list will be maintained and added to as action items are discussed.

Meeting dates for 2010-11 were discussed. It was agreed that conference calls would be held monthly. Calls will begin in August and will be held on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 9:00am. Staff will send out meeting notices for all meetings.

Staff discussed CPE’s request for technical review of educational content Richard Dotson agreed to complete the technical review.

With there being no further business, meeting was adjourned at 2:30 pm