FICPA VFALS-Section Steering Committee Agenda- February 2, 2012

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FICPA VFALS-Section Steering Committee Agenda
Thursday, February 2, 2012
9:00am-10:00 am

  1. LinkedIn Update-FICPA Staff
  2. Conference Speakers Selection Guidelines
  3. New business


Attendance: Marcie Bour, Scott Steadman, Arlene Ravalo-Jao, Paul Dumm, David Isley
Staff: Stephanie Thomas

Absent: Sandy Perez

  1. LinkedIn Update:
    1. Staff met with Lynn Hepner, FICPAs Membership Development Manager and discussed FICPA’s LinkedIn page which has 1234 members.  Lynn maintains the page for FICPA and works on it daily.  The page is limited to members of FICPA only.  Each person has to be allowed in by an Administrator and membership to FICPA has to be confirmed.  If the section were to set up such a page it would have to be open only to FICPA and LC Section members and be monitored. LinkedIn does have discussion boards but it is very much like our current List Serve pages. 
    2. The chair asked the committee to vote on if they wanted to use their resources to initiate a LinkedIn page.  After a lengthy discussion on the pros and cons, the time commitment and other obstacles related to the creation of a LinkedIn page David Isley motioned that we table this issue for a year.  Arlene seconded the motion.  Motion Carried.

  2. Conference Speakers Selection Guidelines
    1. Marcie Bour informed she has prepared a draft procedure and will circulate to Sandy Perez and Paul Dumm for comments.  The proposed draft will be circulated to the Steering Committee for discussion at the next meeting.   
  3. New Business - Update on Leadership Plan:

Paul Dumm has gathered information on the Leadership Plan and will be meeting with David when their schedules permit in the near future and present a report to the committee.

Meeting adjourned. 
Next meeting: March 1, 2012