Minutes FVALS Steering Committee Aug. 18, 2009

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Attending: Debbie Adkins, Chair, Bob Lynch, Lillian Conrad, Paul Dumm, Robin Lennon, Arlene Ravalo-Jao, Robert Baldree, Marcie Bour, Brett Cooper, Ivan Garces, David Isley, Scott Steadman, Terrel Lavergne, Sani Perez, Bill Thomas, Vern Williams

Call to Order and Opening Comments: Chairperson Adkins thanked everyone for attending. A recorder was recruited.

Review of the Committee Days Meeting: Motion to approve the minutes was made and seconded; motion carried.

Round Tables: Linda Trugman is working on adding to the Broward County. We should have a coordinator from the Resource Council or Steering Committee. Marcie Bour pointed out that it was sometimes difficult to get the chapters to help participate in the roundtables. The old Hot Topics program was difficult to coordinate and get CPE. The focus of the roundtables is to work with the Chapters, encourage support for our section members and gather with topics geared toward valuation and litigation support using the chapter CPE format. Considerable discussion was held. Lillian Conrad made a motion that the Steering Committee assume the role of objective coordinator at least until early 2010; Paul Dumm Seconded; Motion carried.

Publications: Chairperson Adkins indicated that at Committee Days we discussed establishing an objective coordinator for this area. Trend Alert (quarterly) is an electronic mechanism to provide information with less consuming coordination. If you have published something before, it can be used. There are no copyright limitations. No volunteer was secured to serve as an Objective coordinator, so Adkins suggested the Steering Committee assume this role. A motion was made, seconded and carried.

Web Source Taskforce Update: Arlene Ravalo reported on our meeting of August 12th and set our goals for each volunteer to provide the revisions and suggestions. The minutes will be distributed to the Resource Council. We continue to look for additional volunteers.

Conference Update: Paul Dumm reported that most of the speakers are lined up. Still have an opening for Economic Crimes session and Economic Update Session. On the white collar crime session, we were trying to get Sam Antar. He is no longer presenting outside of government agencies. Sandi Perez is working on the Economic Crimes session. Paul Dumm indicated that he is working to get a speaker for the Economic Update Session. Lisa Perry indicated that we have not lined up any sponsors at this time. The materials for sponsorships will be re-circulated to the Committee.

Outside Legislative Update: The State Legislative Policy Committee is meeting at this time and John Johnson is not available to meet with us; Lisa will distribute any relevant information, including an update on charging liens, when it is available.

New Business: Bob Morrison sent a note suggesting that the section send out a survey to evaluate the state of the forensic and litigation accounting business. If the Steering Committee would agree to this, he would draft the survey. Debbie indicated that if Bob were to prepare the survey it would be fine and may have an additional benefit to our membership. Debbie agreed to follow up with Bob and ask him to move forward with the survey.

Next Meeting: The next VFALS Section Steering Committee/Resource Council conference call is set for October 20th at 9am. (Bi-monthly conference calls are held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 9:00am for the remaining months of October, December, February, April and June.)

Meeting Adjourned at 9:45am