Record of Meeting of VFALS Section Web Site Task Force Meeting Aug. 12, 2008

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Attending: Arlene Ravalo-Jao, Deborah Adkins, Paul Dumm, Robin Lennon, Lillian Conrad, Robert Lynch, Brett Cooper, David Isley, Scott Steadman, Bill Thomas, Vern Williams.

FICPA: Lisa Perry

Discussion Tentative Web-assignments: We still have open slots. (Task Force assignments attached). Still looking for the open assignments for Shareholder/members issues. Bill Thomas said he could handle Economic Damages Commercial. Arlene pointed out that we are looking for a primary and a secondary for each area. Discussed maybe combining the punitive, personal and economic damage area.. Decision was to rename to Economic Damages and include content of Personal and Punitive Damages therein. Lisa Perry will work with the web support area to combine the existing data into the one category.

Responsibilities Task Force Initial Review: Need to establish the working relationship of the primary and secondary as well as any of the other areas that have overlap, review existing data in the required area and provide the results of the review Lisa Perry who will distribute to the responsible Steering Committee Member. Date for submission to Lisa is August 31, 2009; from Lisa to Steering Committee Member by September 8, 2009.

Responsibilities Task Force Ongoing: We want to promote the website to the Section Members. The procedure for submitting new data by Section members has been established to include the distribution from the FICPA to the task force representative and responsible Steering Committee member for review and acceptance. Task force discussed the need to have the on-going review of the existing data. Suggestion was accepted to have the first on-going review mid January, 2010. Lisa will send out a reminder/calendar memo two to three weeks in advance of the deadline for completion of the quarterly revision.

Submitting new information: Finding the link to find the form for submission is difficult and may require revision. Lisa will check and see if there can be a link at the bottom of each area. When the form is completed, it goes to the resource for that section together with the steering committee representative.

General Discussion: There maybe changes required in the names of the area or section that might require revision. Specifically, the lack of an identification of a fraud area was discussed.

Practice-tools website is available to everyone. The taskforce discussed whether the tool should have limited availability. Paul Dumm suggested that it should be consistent with the listserv and other sections. Lisa will check. Task Force agreed that the website should be available to all FICPA members. Task Force also requested that Lisa check and see what statistics can be provided.

In terms of promoting the website, there will be a laptop during the FICPA VFALS conference in January and the Task Force will coordinate to man the booth during the breaks.

Wrap-up: Next communication will be via e-mail sometime in the end of September to view the website revisions as a result of the initial review. The next conference call will be scheduled in January 2010.