Message from the Chair

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Dear VFALS Section Members:

It is with humility that I accept the Chair position of this great FICPA Section. My involvement with this Section has been a great personal opportunity to meet some of the tremendous professionals practicing in the exciting field of Valuation, Forensic Accounting and Litigation Services. I believe the prior leadership of this Section has done an amazing job of making tools, education and communication forums available to Section members and I will endeavor to continue in their footsteps with your help. As a practitioner in a small firm in Central Florida, this Section has served as a strong and beneficial tie to a larger community with similar professional interests and goals.

The present state of the U.S. and world economy provides additional challenges to each of the disciplines in our Section. One of my goals for the upcoming year will be to provide a forum for our Section to identify and deal with the effects of the U.S. and world economy on valuation issues for closely held business interests. Change can be good as tough economic times create opportunities for members that practice in the area of forensic accounting and litigation services, therefore our services should continue to be in high demand. Another worthy Section goal should be to provide information and support to help keep our profession on the cutting edge in our changing economic and regulatory environment.

We have a strong cohesive Section and if we all work together we can make it even better. I look forward to working with the Steering Committee, Resource Council and Section Members this coming year and am confident that together we can make a positive difference.

Best Regards,

Robin C. Lennon
Dreggors, Rigsby & Teal, PA, CPAs
FY 2010-11 VFALS Chair