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We recommend calling the Board of Accountancy for all questions relating to your individual license and/or firm license.

  1. When is your 1st renewal with DBPR?
    For the first renewal, you are only required to pay the renewal fees in order to renew your license and receive a two year license. However your CPE re-establishment period began the date of the initial license and will end the 3rd June 30th after initial license (ex: If licensed December 1, 2014, your initial license will expire December 31, 2015 and to renew you only pay the fee to receive a license to expire December 31, 2017. Your CPE re-establishment period began December 1, 2014 and will end June 30, 2017.)

  2. What CPE will I need?

    • Eighty hours by June 30 of your re-establishment period
    • At least 20 hrs of Accounting & Auditing (AA)
    • At least four (4) hrs of board-approved ethics (ETH)
    • Not more than 20 hours of behavior (BE)

    Note: Excess hours cannot be carried over to the next period.

  3. How do I report my CPE?
    The Board of Accountancy (BOA) does not require reporting of CPE unless requested. You are on the honor system. We recommend keeping everything in your CPE Tracker on All FICPA CPE is automatically added with availability of printing Certificates of Attendance 24 hours a day, seven days a week; outside vendors can be added.

  4. What if I miss my June 30 deadline?
    There is an automatic extension with eight (8) additional hours of A& A due. Your total CPE due would be 88 total hours to include 28 hrs of A& A, not more than 20 hrs of behavior and must be completed by September 15. A second extension requires an additional 16 hours of A&A for a total of 96 hour total hours to include 36 hours of A&A, no more than 20 hours of behavior due no later than December 31.

  5. When does the Board of Accountancy mail out renewals?
    On behalf of the Board of Accountancy, the Department of Business & Professional Regulation usually mails them out In October to the last known address.