Step 1: Qualify to Sit

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Step 1: Meet requirements to sit for the CPA Exam

In Florida, to be permitted to take the CPA exam for the first time, a candidate must have successfully completed at least 120 semester hours of acceptable college credit as determined by the Florida Board of Accountancy, and must have earned at least a bachelor’s degree or its international equivalent. Applicants for the examination must have completed 24 semester hours of upper division business courses, 24 semester hours of upper division accounting education courses that includes 3 semester hours of Business Law with coverage of contracts, torts and UCC. The state of Florida also requires an additional 30 hours of coursework (for a total of 150 hours) and one year of work experience under the supervision of a CPA in order to become licensed after completion of the CPA Exam. To view a full list of requirements for taking the Uniform CPA Exam in Florida, please view the Florida Board of Accountancy’s website.