The FICPA has submitted the following Annual Accounting Show courses to the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards for Certified Financial Planner (CFP) credit.

Best Guesses for 2014 (New – Interactive!) (2 TB)
Vicki MC's a noted panel of experts during this open discussion about what to expect in the coming months with regard to tax issues. Join the discussion and help frame the emphasis for the presentation.

Shades of Gray in IRS Procedure: From Audit Issues to Preparer Penalties – Straight Talk From a Tax Attorney (2 TB)
This presentation provides no-nonsense commentary on issues practitioners encounter in IRS audits and how to achieve the best result possible. Topics include understanding statutes of limitations, the exceptions and why they matter; understanding summonses, why they are issued, whether you must comply and what happens if you don't; the options available in disputed audits including administrative appeals, litigation, mediation and escape hatches when you miss a deadline; and what happens if the IRS asserts a preparer penalty including how a penalty is proposed, how to challenge it and whether the client is informed.

Banking Relations and Debt Restructuring (1 TB)
Learn the latest on today's credit markets and how to best navigate loan originations and renewals. We'll also review alternative financing sources in the market, when it is right for companies and how to get through the maze.

Bankruptcy Issues – What You Need to Know (1 TB)
Get a detailed insight into these bankruptcy issues:

  • General outline of the Chapter 11 process
  • Typical restructuring issues before and after bankruptcy with creditors and banks
  • Reclamation claims, replevin and how to maximize your recovery in a bankruptcy as a creditor

Quality Control in a Tax Practice (1 TB)
What are the AICPA, IRS and Treasury professional standards that your firm is required to follow? The speaker will discuss common pitfalls and areas of risk exposure in accounting firms (who can sign returns, tax advice language, 7216 disclosures, etc). Guidance will incorporate best practices for mitigating and monitoring risk management and quality control policies and procedures.

International Tax Basics: When to Cry "Help!" (1 TB)
We're offering a practical guide to the pitfalls that even smaller firms can encounter in International taxation. We will go over basic concepts of CFCs and Subpart F; outbound and inbound transactions; foreign tax credits; foreign investment in real property; foreign currency transactions; and foreign tax compliance.

Fiduciary Accounting, 1041 Reporting (2 AA)
Explore the intricacies of determining the fiduciary accounting of an estate or trust and learn how the fiduciary accounting rules interact with computation of the federal income tax of an estate or trust.

10 Steps to Take Now in Light of the New Estate Tax Legislation (1 TB)
In light of 2012 estate tax legislation, the increase of federal estate tax exemption to $5 million and the ability to utilize portability, there are a number of action steps that you should consider.  

Estate Management (1 TB)
We'll cover the probate process in Florida, including the summary administration process, full administration, the creditor period and homestead issues in probate. In addition, this session will address trust administration issues, including what happens when a supplemental needs trust fails to provide provisions for a named beneficiary and a discussion of trust administrations that can go awry.

The ABCs (and D) of Medicare (1 TB)
Medicare is a true alphabet soup. This session explores what is covered under Parts A, B, C and D. You'll be able to advise your clients whether an Advantage Plan is a good alternative and how to select a supplemental insurance plan.

Planning for Future Retirement Shock (1 TB)
Three little words have transformed everything..."The New Normal." We'll identify the Future Retirement Financial "NUT" under the New Normal economics to allow you to formulate a plan to meet those future needs. How do you eat an elephant? This workshop will define the elephant and then suggest the bites that will divide the elephant into manageable pieces. Whether your clients are 30 or 70+, there will be helpful information for you both.

Personal Wealth Management/Financial Planning (1 TB)
Cover the fundamentals of personal financial planning for the CPA and the client, including: goal setting, cash flow and budgeting, risk management, estate planning, education funding, retirement planning and investment planning. This course emphasizes the importance of financial planning and the ongoing client relationship as the two keys to a successful wealth management practice.

How to Use Financial Education to Market Yourself and the CPA Profession (1 TB)
Financial education is a great way to give back to the community, increase your skills and grow your practice. We'll explore various approaches that other CPAs are using and review currently available resources.

Alternative Investments in Self-Directed IRAs (1 TB)
Learn why alternative investments are the new trend in retirement planning and Self-Directed IRAs. Keep your clients out of trouble!

Dealing with the IRS Controversies (1 TB)
A former IRS executive and practicing CPA with more than 30 years of experience in representing clients before the IRS explains the representation process from client discussions, engagement, fact finding, record production and understanding how to deal with IRS employees from all divisions.

Unhappily Ever After: Tax Implications of Divorce (1 TB)
Come for an overview of the unique issues related to income tax planning and income tax in divorce. You'll also get a review of equitable distribution, spousal support, temporary support and the assistance that Florida CPAs can provide to their clients when they are going through one of life's most difficult challenges.

Tax Implications of Unmarried Couples (1 TB)
This presentation focuses on the tax and estate planning issues involving unmarried couples with emphasis on planning issues resulting from the pending Supreme Court Decision on the Defense of Marriage Act, including federal and state law considerations.