Annual Accounting Show Descriptions

28th Annual Accounting Show
September 26-27, 2013
Ft. Lauderdale

Ethics: Protecting the Integrity of Florida CPAs (4 Ethics)
Totally revamped for 2013, this course centers around the most common errors, new legislation, and  regulations that impact the practice of public accounting in Florida as well as real-life ethical issues faced by individuals and organizations. The course complies with the ethics requirements for Florida CPAs as set forth by the Florida Board of Accountancy.

Keynote Address: The Top Ten Trends that are Changing Everything for CPAs (1 TB)
The profession is changing in ways that will make it unrecognizable in only a matter of years. Rick Telberg will discuss the trends and the strategies that successful CPAs are using to anticipate the forces that are affecting their practice and turn them to their own advantage.

Preparing for Peer Review (2 AA)
This session will bring participants up to date on the recent legislation passed in the state of Florida on peer review and what to expect from the Board of Accountancy as far as the rules governing peer review. The session also will cover some of the basics that firms should be aware of in preparing for their peer review. These basics include: quality control standards and to whom they apply; common peer review findings; peer review risk and engagement selection process; scheduling your peer review and how to find a reviewer.

Compilation and Review (1 AA)
Learn about the new 2012 and 2013 compilation and review professional standards, which represent the most significant changes to these standards in over 30 years. Review pertinent, specially selected standards from earlier years.

Going Concern Issues (1 AA)
This session will address recent developments on the FASB’s project to provide guidance about how an entity should assess its ability to continue as a going concern. Issues discussed will include the soon-to-be-effective guidance addressing the liquidation basis of accounting.

Best Guesses for 2014 (New – Interactive!) (2 TB)
Join Vicki as she MC’s a noted panel of experts during this open discussion about what to expect in the coming months with regard to tax issues.  Join the discussion and help frame the emphasis for the presentation.

Shades of Gray in IRS Procedure: From Audit Issues to Preparer Penalties – Straight Talk From a Tax Attorney (2 TB)
This presentation provides no nonsense commentary on issues practitioners encounter in IRS audits and how to achieve the best result possible. Topics include understanding statutes of limitations, the exceptions, and why it matters; understanding summonses, why they are issued, whether you must comply, and what happens if you don't; options available in disputed audits including administrative appeals, litigation, mediation, and escape hatches when you miss a deadline; and what happens if the IRS asserts a preparer penalty including how a penalty is proposed, how to challenge it, and whether the client is informed.

Banking Relations and Debt Restructuring (1 TB)
This session will give you an update of today's credit markets and will help you navigate loan originations and renewals. We also will review alternative financing sources in the market — when it is right for companies and how to get through the maze.

HR/Employment Law Update (1 TB)
The presentation will discuss current employment law trends and developments that could substantially impact the internal/office/business operations of Florida CPAs and their clients.

Financial Analysis & Dashboards (1 TB)
Providing timely and accurate information is Accounting’s key function. In this course, we will work on identifying the key drivers of a business, and determine how we can efficiently measure and report on those key activities.

Bankruptcy Issues – What You Need to Know (1 TB)
This session will give you a detailed insight into bankruptcy issues you should be familiar with:
• General outline of the Chapter 11 process
• Typical restructuring issues before and after bankruptcy with creditors and banks
• Reclamation claims, replevin and how to maximize your recovery in a bankruptcy as a creditor

Information Gathering in the Digital Age (1 TB)
This presentation will show that while you are concentrating on passwords, virus scanners, and the like, there are a myriad of other less-obvious ways to obtain your information. Demonstrations will be given on how the things you do for convenience effectively circumvent security. The main focus will be on the fact that while you are guarding your front door, people are slipping in through the windows.

The Newest Tech Tools and Trends (1 TB)
Current technology trends reflect major changes in efficiency, communications and access to data. This session will provide attendees the driving forces behind these trends and identify tools to take advantage of these new opportunities. Topics will include mobility, cloud computing, big data, analytics and security.

Today’s IT Trends and Their Relevance in Your Firm (2 TB)
Technology has never been more “in Vogue” than it is now, making it even harder to distinguish between the relevant and the completely useless. This session seeks to remove some of the clutter around today’s IT trends and distinguish that which can have a positive impact on your firm in the near future. Some of these topics include the latest devices, cloud, SaaS, security, and more.

Keynote Address: Managing Multiple Generations: Next Steps and New Surprises (1 B)
The worlds of finance and CPAs are having to come to grips with the “new normal” workforce. Simply put, boomers are not retiring as planned, and the Millennials are not going to wait forever for their chance. Boomers want clarity, Generation X wants options and the new generation wants action.
It’s your move as you develop a succession plan.
Key issues covered:
• The three values that all generations appear to have in common
• How the Millennials got motivated
• Where new citizens from other countries fit into the equation and their core motivators
• The one trait – teamwork – that is interpreted differently by all of the generations

Auditing Standards Update (1 AA)
This presentation will include a review of recently-issued standards from the Auditing Standards Board and a sneak peek at standards that are on the horizon.

FASB Update – Including Private Company Council (2 AA)
Background on formation of the Private Company Council and its place in the standards setting process. Will look at how the PCC functions in its advisory role to the FASB pertaining to existing GAAP as well as new guidance as it is being adopted. Will provide update on items considered-to-date and possible future initiatives of the PCC.

Quality Control in a Tax Practice (1 TB)
This course will provide an overview of professional standards firms are required to follow from the AICPA, IRS and Treasury. The speaker will discuss common pitfalls and areas of risk exposure in  accounting firms (who can sign returns, tax advice language, 7216 disclosures, etc). Guidance will
incorporate best practices for mitigating and monitoring risk management and quality control policies and procedures.

State & Local Tax Legislative Update (1 TB)
As the states continue to seek new methods of raising revenues, numerous changes have recently been enacted and more changes are expected in the near future. This state and local income tax legislative update will provide insight into understanding the latest apportionment trends, combined reporting developments and key federal legislation on state income tax issues. The audience will become familiar with potential apportionment options and how current events are shaping future discussion and action by legislatures, tax authorities, and the courts.

International Tax Basics: When to Cry “Help!” (1 TB)
This will be a practical guide to the pitfalls that even smaller firms can encounter in International taxation. We’ll go over basic concepts of CFCs and Subpart F, outbound and inbound transactions, foreign tax credits, foreign investment in real property, foreign currency transactions and foreign
tax compliance.

Fraud?! What Now? (3 AA)
Enjoy as Andrew Copeland takes you through his experiences with clients that have been broken, fooled and exasperated by fraud. Andrew's stories will not only entertain you but will make you think about what is going on at your clients’ business.

Anatomy of a Successful Merger or Acquisition (1 TB)
Learn how to maximize your expansion strategy with minimal investment, or optimize your exit strategy with the highest price, terms, and compensation. Critical secrets regarding your market value, creative acquisition or buy-in strategies, easy financing, increasing profits instantly through economies of scale and the importance of a well-planned operating/buy-sell agreement which are the hallmarks of a win/win transaction.

Engagement Letters — A First Line of Defense (1 TB)
Participants will learn engagement letter best-practices, which can help prevent client fee and scope disputes, and serve as key evidence in the defense of a malpractice claim. Best practices will cover professional standard requirements, key terms and provisions, and engagement letter do's and don'ts, addressing use of evergreen letters, unilateral letters and more.

Current Trends: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (1 TB)
The presentation will review issues regarding personnel issues, virtual offices, accounting software, the cloud, paperless offices, marketing the modern firm, the usage of social media, practice management and other related hot topics that may be timely. Some issues will be discussed regarding audits, tax, consulting, wealth management and other practice options. Time will be made for Q & A.

Fiduciary Accounting, 1041 Reporting (2 AA)
This course will explore the intricacies of determining the fiduciary accounting of an estate or trust as well as how the fiduciary accounting rules interact with computation of the federal income tax of an estate or trust.

What is So Special About “Special Needs" Trusts? (1 AA)
This course highlights the importance of special needs trusts in estate and life planning. Various types of trusts will be explored as well as an examination of eligible distributions to the beneficiary.

Individual Tax Update (1 TB)
American Tax Payers Relief Act of 2012 and its effects on tax payers.

10 Steps to Take Now in Light of the New Estate Tax Legislation (1 TB)
In light of 2012 estate tax legislation, the increase of federal estate tax exemption to $5 million, and the ability to utilize portability, there are a number of action steps that should be considered. Asset protection should also be considered as part of estate planning. This presentation will address
ten steps to be considered to take advantage of existing exemptions and laws, especially in light of proposals to remove the ability to utilize certain popular planning techniques.

Identity Theft – What Has the IRS Done? (1 TB)
A summary of the developments and recent improvements the IRS has made in its identity theft  procedures, and practical insights on the challenges that remain. Learn what resources are available for dealing with identity theft and your client's tax return and tax return-related information.

Estate Management (1 TB)
This session will cover the probate process in Florida, including the summary administration process, full administration, the creditor period, and homestead issues in probate. In addition, this session will address trust administration issues, including what happens when a trust fails to provide supplemental needs trust provisions for a named beneficiary and a discussion of trust administrations that can go awry.

The ABCs (and D) of Medicare (1 TB)
Medicare is a true alphabet soup. This session will explore what is covered under Parts A, B, C, and D. Be able to advise your clients whether an Advantage Plan is a good alternative and how to select a supplemental insurance plan.

Planning for Future Retirement Shock (1 TB)
Three little words have transformed everything... “The New Normal”. If you first identify what the
Future Retirement Financial "NUT" is under the New Normal economics, only then can you formulate a plan to meet those future needs. How do you eat an elephant? This workshop will define the elephant and then suggest the bites that will cut up that elephant into manageable pieces. Whether your clients are 30 or 70+ there will be helpful information for them, and you, as well.

Personal Wealth Management/Financial Planning (1 TB)
This course will cover the fundamentals of personal financial planning for the CPA and the Client including: Goal Setting, Cash Flow & Budgeting, Risk Management, Estate Planning, Education Funding, Retirement Planning and Investment Planning. It will emphasize the importance financial planning and the on-going client relationship as the two keys to a successful wealth management practice.

How to Use Financial Education to Market Yourself and the CPA Profession (1 TB)
Financial education is a great way to give back to the community, increase your skills and grow your practice. This presentation will explore various approaches that other CPAs are using as well as review currently available resources.

Self Direction-Alternative Investments in IRAs (1 TB)
Alternative investments, the new trend in retirement planning and Self-Directed IRAs. Keeping your clients out of trouble

Audit Risk Assessment Standards (1 AA)
The Risk Assessment Standards issued by the AICPA have established an audit methodology that has been designed to better detect material-errors in financial statements. Learn how to utilize these standards to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your audits.

CIRA Update (1 AA)
Do you need a quick review of the most difficult and frequently found accounting and auditing issues in Common Interest Realty Associations (CIRAs)? This program reviews new audit reports for year-end 12-31-2012, SSARS 19 engagement letters, reporting, reserve and turnover situations for residential and commercial condominium associations (condos) and homeowners’ associations and covers new Florida statutes for Homeowners' Associations (HOAs). Issues include bad debts and budgeting in a recession period. This course also discusses the status of the CIRA Guide and what is authoritative GAAP.

SSAE 16 Update (1 AA)
SSAE 16 and the new SOC standards – How do I use the new reports as an auditor and adviser to my clients?

Dealing with the IRS Controversies (1 TB)
A former IRS executive and practicing CPA with over 30 years of experience in representing clients before IRS explains the representation process from client discussions, engagement, fact finding, record production and understanding how to deal with IRS employees in all divisions of IRS.

Unhappily Ever After: Tax Implications of Divorce (1 TB)
An overview of the unique issues related to income tax planning and income tax in divorce. A review of equitable distribution, spousal support, temporary support and the assistance Florida CPAs can provide to their clients when they are going through one of life's most difficult challenges.

Tax Implications of Unmarried Couples (1 TB)
This presentation will focus on the tax and estate planning issues involving unmarried couples, with emphasis on planning issues resulting from the pending Supreme Court Decision on the Defense of Marriage Act, including Federal and State Law considerations.

Not for Profit Update (1 AA)
Accounting and auditing standards keep evolving. Not-for-profit entities, their auditors and accounting staff need to keep up-to-date with the new standards. In this important session, you will learn about new and proposed standards and how they will impact not-for-profit entities.

Internal Controls for Religious and NFPs (1 AA)
Cecil "Pat" Patterson, Jr., CPA, MBA
Patterson CPA Group Inc.
The latest on internal controls for ROs and NFPs with an emphasis on IT and the new COSO Report as updated for today’s issues.

Unrelated Business Income Tax Update (1 TB)
Most organizations have numerous questions regarding the unrelated business activities arena. The IRS recently has issued their College & University Compliance Project Final Report which has much information – for all exempt organizations – in terms of UBIT issues. As the IRS continues to increase their scrutiny with regard to UBIT, many organizations wonder whether or not some of the activities they carry on should be considered as unrelated business activities and reported on the Form 990-T. This session will look at methods to identify, track, analyze, and account for potential areas of UBIT.

Cloud Computing – Choosing the Right Cloud Services for Your Business (1 TB)
“Cloud” is the biggest buzzword in tech and business this decade. You need to know what it means, when to pay attention and whether (or not) to use cloud services. Assess the risks, benefits and impact of cloud services on your business to make informed decisions.

Accounting Apps for Your Smartphone (1 AA)
This session will open you up to the world of tools available for Smartphones and Tablets. This will be a fast-paced tour of the Accounting & Tax Apps for CPAs, Business Apps and Consumer Apps that you should know about to help yourself and your clients take advantage of the mobile world.

Mobile Security (1 TB)
This session will cover all things mobile – from mobile device management to mobile security. We'll look at the latest developments in the industry and how your firm should be leveraging these devices. Is your firm leading the charge on “BYOD” (Bring Your Own Device) or under attack from BYOD?

Litigation Support – Follow the Money (2 AA)
This presentation will highlight the accounting practice opportunities to facilitate the organization, analysis and presentation of financial information. You will learn what services you can provide to top litigation and controversy professionals, practical applications where those services are needed and how your litigation support services can help win the case.

Internal Auditing (2 AA)
In January 2013, the Institute of Internal Auditors released revised standards. Attendees will gain an understanding of the profession practice of internal auditing; types of work performed; and what to look for when relying on an internal auditor’s work.

Tax Q&A Follow Up (New – Interactive) (2 TB)
Rejoin our noted panel of experts from the opening day in recapping the conference. Share your real-world examples and ask questions of our panel members and fellow participants. Leave with a sense of direction.

Healthcare, Medicare, Why You Should Care (2 TB)
Two critical strategies to reduce health care cost and trend in 2013 and 2014: Getting your enrollees to use A-Safety ranked hospitals to help minimize your health care expenses. I will discuss the score details, easy-to-use Smartphone App and free communications tool-kit; and offer thoughtful advice on what could be the most important strategy regarding health care reform – your employee contributions. The financial implications of the Health Care Reform Employer Mandate continue to pivot more on employee contribution strategy and less on plan design or procurement. I will show you the trends we are seeing and help you and your clients be as prepared as possible.

GASB Update (1 AA)
This session will cover the latest GASB pronouncements, including Statements 69 and 70 on government combinations and nonexchange financial guarantees, as well as implementation guidance for Statement 67 on pension plan reporting.

Yellow Book Update (1 AA)
This session will cover the most recently-issued Yellow Book. The session will cover the major changes. An open discussion will be held to determine the impact to auditors and clients.

Municipalities in Financial Stress – Is Your Town/Client Safe? (1 AA)
This session will provide an overview of financial condition assessment for state and local governments. The importance of monitoring financial condition and related research will be discussed. In addition, various techniques to assess governmental financial condition will be reviewed.

Single Audit Act Update (1 AA)
This session will cover a high-level overview of the single audit process and current single audit requirements. In addition, updates will be provided on OMB’s proposed single audit reforms and changes to the Data Collection Form. Finally, a review of the new single audit report format will be provided.

Business Valuation – No More Risk-Free? (1 TB)
In this presentation you will learn the opportunities to provide valuation services; which professional standards apply in various types of engagements; the elements of legal action that could apply; and how due diligence and best practices can lower your risk of legal liability.

Budgeting & Forecasting (1 TB)
Budgeting and forecasting is a hot topic these days. This session will focus on comparing and contrasting budgeting and cash flow forecasting and the benefits/uses of both.

Credit & Collections (1 TB)
Most companies do a poor job in this area – “credit and collections” needs to be managed using advanced techniques. This session will show you how to run the function properly using effective techniques to maximize collections and protect the company from losses.

Marketing Your Business Through Social Media (1 TB)