Organization Name: Learning is for Everyone
Address: 5910 Hammock Woods Drive
City: Odessa
State: FL
Zip Code: 33556
Web site:
Contact First Name: Theresa
Contact Last Name: Willingham
Title: President
Phone Number: 813-792-7411
E-mail Address:
Mission Statement: Our mission is to empower families and individuals with educational information resources on and off the web, and assistance through our activities in all aspects of education at all stages of life.
Please check your main area(s) of service: Education
Geographic area in which your organization operates: Mostly Tampa Bay, but also statewide & ntl.
Year of Incorporation: 2003
What is your agency's budget size: under50k
How many Employees does your organization have: 0
How many Board Members do you have: 5 - 3 officers, 2 members-at-large
How many times per year does your board meet: 4 in person, 3-4X electronically
What is the estimated monthly time contribution of your board members: 10-20 hrs, depending on projects underway
What is your organization's policy about financial contributions of board members?: None
Minimum Required Amount:
What is the typical board member's term of service: 1 year
Does your agency have Directors & Officers (Board Liability) Insurance: No
Do you currently have any CPAs on your board: No
Briefly describe the CPAs role as a board member and any other expectations or comments: Our budget is currently quite small - just a little over $1K - with which we manage to provide considerable programming and outreach in the community, from STEM ed, to TEDxYouth events, to education conferences, and mentoring programs. But we feel it's time to professionalize our accounting in order to provide better services, apply for greater funding, and better position ourselves to grow in the near future, so that we can fully realize our potential and provide the best services we can to our community.

Contact Jan Dobson for more information.