Organization Name: Friends of the Library of Tampa-Hillsborough Cty
Address: P. O. Box 173126
City: Tampa
State: FL
Zip Code: 33672
Web site:
Contact First Name: Margaret
Contact Last Name: Rials
Title: Friends Coordinator
Phone Number: 813/273-3649
E-mail Address:
Mission Statement: The Friends of the Library is an organization of residents who share a passionate commitment to a strong library system. The Friends work to expand the network of libraries, strengthen the library collections and support a varied menu of programs for the residents of our community. They also advocate for libraries by sharing information about the value of libraries with the community’s elected officials.
Please check your main area(s) of service: Art
Geographic area in which your organization operates: Hillsborough County, Florida
Year of Incorporation: 1983
What is your agency's budget size: 100-499k
How many Employees does your organization have: 1 part-time employee
How many Board Members do you have: 24
How many times per year does your board meet: Quarterly
What is the estimated monthly time contribution of your board members: 8 hrs.
What is your organization's policy about financial contributions of board members?: None
Minimum Required Amount:
What is the typical board member's term of service: 3 years
Does your agency have Directors & Officers (Board Liability) Insurance: Yes
Do you currently have any CPAs on your board: No
Briefly describe the CPAs role as a board member and any other expectations or comments: The CPA board member's primary role would be to serve on the Finance Committee working closely with the Treasurer, Committee Chairman, and paid part-time bookkeeper. The CPA would be asked to review monthly financial statements, offer advice on proper bookkeeping entries, and assist with providing documents and information to paid CPAs who prepare the 990 and annual audit. The Friends organization is in the process of preparing a new procedures manual for the bookkeeper and 13 chapters. The CPA would be asked to help with this project in reviewing the drafts of the procedures.

Contact Jan Dobson for more information.