Organization Name: Coptic Orthodox Charities, Inc.
Address: 4765 Stoneview Cir.
City: Oldsmar
State: FL
Zip Code: 34677
Web site:
Contact First Name: Amira
Contact Last Name: Salama
Title: Executive Director
Phone Number: 727-785-3551
E-mail Address:
Mission Statement: Coptic Orthodox Charities, Inc (COC) is serving minority groups who are economically or physically disadvantaged by promoting and fostering health, strengthening families through education, alleviating poverty and promoting self sufficiency. Emphasis is placed on legal and social services to refugees and asylees who are victims of torture, immigrants, and foreign nationals interested in economic development.
Please check your main area(s) of service: Human
Geographic area in which your organization operates: Florida
Year of Incorporation: 2001
What is your agency's budget size: 50-99k
How many Employees does your organization have: 2
How many Board Members do you have: 13
How many times per year does your board meet: 10-12
What is the estimated monthly time contribution of your board members: Active board members contribute between 2-10
What is your organization's policy about financial contributions of board members?: None
Minimum Required Amount:
What is the typical board member's term of service: None
Does your agency have Directors & Officers (Board Liability) Insurance: Yes
Do you currently have any CPAs on your board: No
Briefly describe the CPAs role as a board member and any other expectations or comments: I would like to have a CPA who is up to a challenging task and is passionate about helping an organization to get financial stability. An organization who’s founder and Executive Director is working day, night, and weekends to help survivor of torture, Refugees, and Asylees start a new life and stand on their own two feet and strive in a strange country with unfamiliar language and tons of laws and regulations. We are a unique organization that not only staff does not get paid, but also pay out of pocket to help clients. We have our accounting system in place (Quick Books) and a dedicated accountant who keep the books, but we need to go to the next level.

Contact Jan Dobson for more information.