Organization Name: Solita's House Inc.
Address: 1703 North Tampa Street #6
City: Tampa
State: FL
Zip Code: 33602
Web site: http://
Contact First Name: Anthony
Contact Last Name: Thomas
Title: Assc. Director
Phone Number: 813/477-2401
E-mail Address:
Mission Statement: Vision Statement The vision of Solita’s House is to become a national leader in providing individuals and families with education, coaching and partner resources to promote positive behaviors which expand their economic capacity, enable wise use of credit, grow individual and family assets and support quality living in community. Mission Statement The mission of Solita’s House is to build the capacity of the people and communities we serve in the areas of economic literacy coaching, homeowner education, one on one counseling and community revitalization.
Please check your main area(s) of service: Education
Geographic area in which your organization operates: Hillsborough County
Year of Incorporation: 2006
What is your agency's budget size: 50-99k
How many Employees does your organization have: 3
How many Board Members do you have: 3
How many times per year does your board meet: 12
What is the estimated monthly time contribution of your board members: 5 hours
What is your organization's policy about financial contributions of board members?: Any
Minimum Required Amount:
What is the typical board member's term of service: indefinate
Does your agency have Directors & Officers (Board Liability) Insurance: No
Do you currently have any CPAs on your board: No
Briefly describe the CPAs role as a board member and any other expectations or comments: Attend Meetings: Minimum of 75% meetings per year (18) (Current schedule is 12 Board Meetings per year and 6 Special/Committee Meetings per year). Prepare for Board meetings: read materials & ask questions prior to meetings. Engage in Discussion: comment, ask questions, make decisions. Committee Appointment: Actively participate or lead Board Committees. Give Feedback: provide constructive feedback to Board and staff, complete meeting evaluation surveys

Contact Jan Dobson for more information.