Women's Leadership Summit - 2018 (WLS)

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Friday, June 15, 2018
General Sessions

Women's Leadership Summit Registration & Continental Breakfast

Mega Opening Remarks & Women to Watch Awards Presentation

Don't miss the Women to Watch Awards presentation honoring women who exemplify leadership excellence in the field of accounting presented by the FICPA 2016-17 Council Chair.

Mega Keynote - Leaders vs Leadership: Finding Your Effective Edge (Credits: 1.0 TB)


How to Stand Out for Success- Dale Carnegie Organization (Credits: 2.0 BE)

Christine R. Pallesen
Partner and Vice President / Dale Carnegie Training Of South Florida
Ft Lauderdale, FL

At a time when women are leaning in to find their optimal professional voice, there is a vast amount of confusion (and sometimes isolation) regarding what authentically works and how to implement without alienating those around you.  Finding Authentic Boldness is about effective self-advocacy and becoming your own agent.  It is about authentic communication and confidence that brightens your light and helps professional women get what they really, really want for their careers and lives. It is about becoming the best version of yourself to grow your practice, clients and business generation confidence.

How to Successfully Conduct Difficult Conversations (Credits: 1.0 BE)

Natasha M. Dalton Esq.
Dalton Law Firm, PA
Pompano Beach, FL

Statistically women make less than their male counterparts; they also live longer and take more time off work for family care issues. What are concrete steps and actionable investment ideas that women can take to help grow and prioritize their investment savings, to secure a safer retirement for themselves?

Social Media Marketing Strategies For You And Your Business (Credits: 1.0 BE)

Mary Anne Cipressy
What's Up SWFL
Ft Myers, FL

This presentation discusses the characteristics of a good mentor and a good protege, as well as the do's and don'ts of how to have a successful mentoring relationship.

Sharpen Your Instruments for Powerful Communication (Credits: 1.0 BE)

Chim Francisco
President, Club 0427 3254 / Toastmasters
Coral Springs, FL

This presentation is a panel consisting of past Experienced and Emerging Leader winners. The panelists will share some of the characteristics, interests of the group, and how they can work together.

Leveraging Your Unique Personality (Credits: 1.0 BE)

Marilyn Brown
Executive Leadership Coach / PeopleTek Coaching
Tamarac, FL

Closing Remarks/Recognition of WLC