Florida State University Accounting Conference Simulcast (FSUACWEB)

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Thursday, May 10, 2018
General Sessions

Emerging Technologies in Accounting and Auditing (Credits: 1.0 TB)

Geoffrey D. Adams, CISA, CPA
Faculty / Florida State University College of Business-Dept of Finance
Tallahassee, FL

This will be a Q&A discussion with an account executive for an IT consulting firm that works closely with CPA firms and a professor of Florida State University who specializes in IT related issues and IT audits. The Q&A session will be moderated by a CPA who works in the audit field and a member of the FSU Accounting conference committee. 

Discussions will include a brief introduction of the speakers and their background in IT related fields. 
Discussions on the history of the profession and how technology has shaped the current environment. 
Discussions on the current technology environment and what CPA firms should be looking to improve. 
- encryption, firewalls/cyberattacks, research, paperless vs. paper, etc. 
A discussion on prospective new technologies and how they may shape the industry in the future. 
-Blockchain, -python, - automation, etc. 
A Q&A session from the audience.

Understanding an Entity’s Information Technology Infrastructure to Meet Planning Requirements (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Associate Director for the Information Security & Privacy Office / Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL

Understanding how an auditee's  IT system functions is a mandated component of planning a financial audit.  This presentation will focus on providing auditors with a basic foundation to build upon in understanding IT environments to meet that requirement.

Introduction & Opening Remarks


15 Absolutely Essential Employment Law Considerations for 2018 (Credits: 1.0 TB)

William T. Krizner
Owner and Operating Partner / The Krizner Group
Tallahassee, FL
With record litigation and a dramatic increase in governmental audits impacting local business, come join us for a fun interactive look at the areas that are most likely to create costly legal exposure at your company.  Topics to be covered will include key points of risk throughout the employment life cycle, common mistakes involving employee leave, and preparing for coming changes to federal wage and hour laws.

Florida Sales and Use Tax Latest Updates & Hot Topics (Credits: 1.0 TB)

David J. Brennan Jr.
Attorney / Moffa, Sutton & Donnini, PA
Tallahassee, FL
James H. Sutton Jr, CPA, Esq., LLM
Shareholder / Moffa, Sutton & Donnini, PA
Tampa, FL
This course provideds and overview of the audit process, criminal investigations, informaal appeals, and litigation. Information on targeted industries as well as 2017 changes in the law will be provided.

Internal Auditing at FSU - Achieving University Accountability (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Chief Audit Officer / Florida State University Off of Chief Insp Gen Serv, FSU
Tallahassee, FL

Discussion will address University internal audit organization, authority, and responsibility.  The Office of Inspector General Services works with the Board of Trustees, the President, Vice-Presidents and others to improve services and operations.  Audits and investigations having significant University impact will be discussed.

GASB Update (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Wesley A. Galloway
Governmental Accounting Standards Board
Norwalk, CT

The GASB Update will provide an overview of recent GASB pronouncements, including guidance for fiduciary activities, asset retirement obligations, OPEB, and leases.  The update also will look at the GASB’s current work on reexamining the Financial Reporting Model, as well as current projects for Debt Disclosures, Revenue and Expense Recognition, and Interest Capitalization, among others.

Tax Reform Updates Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Credits: 1.0 TB)

Mary A. McVicar, CPA
Law, Redd, Crona & Munroe, PA
Tallahassee, FL
On December 22nd, 2017, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law, changing the landscape for U.S. taxpayers.  With most of the legislation effective beginning in 2018, this course reviews the changes effecting individuals, estates and all forms of businesses.  Discussion will include updates since the enactment of the legislation as well as key impacts to consider in tax planning.

The Evolution of Risk Management: Understanding the Update to the COSO ERM Framework (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Gene E. Geiger, CPA
Partner / A-lign
Tampa, FL

Organizations continue to face an ever-changing and complex risk landscape.  During this presentation we will review how risks have increased in complexity, review the changes to internal controls in the COSO ERM Framework, and provide guidance on how to strategically mitigate risks faced by your organization.

Business Valuation: Avoid Getting into Trouble with Standards, Financial Reporting and Other Engagements (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Linda B. Trugman, CPA/ABV, ASA, MBA
Vice President / Trugman Valuation Associates, Inc
Plantation, FL
This presentation will include a discussion of how CPAs get into trouble by not understanding professional standards, taking on engagements that they are not competent to work on, as well as an overview of considerations of how to advise clients on business valuation issues.

Auditing IT Projects (Credits: 1.0 AA)

James L. Worrell, PhD, CPA, CISA, CIA
Associate Professor of Accounting / University of Alabama at Birmingham College School of Business
Birmingham, AL

Effective project management is critical to the design and implementation of any new information system. Effective project management is a fundamental component of ensuring that requirements are gathered, enterprise resources are effectively leveraged and  that the end product meets user needs and expectations. Attendees will be introduced to key concepts and internal controls associated with project management as well as an audit program for auditing company (and IT) projects, to include risks, control objectives and suggested audit procedures.

Friday, May 11, 2018

SOC Reporting (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Marcia R. Main, CPA, CIA, CFE, GRCP
Director of Enterprise Risk Management / Florida State Board of Administration
Tallahassee, FL

In this presentation, participants will learn about Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 18, the System and Organization Controls suite, and how the review of SOC reports benefits their third-party selection and monitoring programs.  Participants will also learn how to identify the SOC report that is right for their needs, what to look for during a review, and impacts of SSAE 18 changes.

Federal Single Audit Update (Credits: 2.0 AA)

Robert P. Bedwell, CPA
Controller / Progressive Care, Inc
N Miami Beach, FL
Many federal fund recipients will be entering into year two of Single Audits conducted under the Uniform Guidance.  The Update will cover changes to the 2017 Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Compliance Supplement, the 2017 Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book) exposure draft, as well as provide an update on the latest single audit activities.

Business Continuity and Succession Management (Credits: 1.0 TB)

Lamar Taylor, J.D., CPA
Chief Operating/Financial Officer / Florida State Board of Administration
Tallahassee, FL

In this presentation, participants will learn about business continuity standards and the benefits of preparing business impact analyses and testing disaster recovery plans.  Participants will also learn about how succession management can reduce costs, retain institutional knowledge and increase morale.

Oops! I Stepped in a Pile of Fraud: The Legal, Ethical and Practical Considerations for CPAs When They Discover Fraud (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Michael B. Hood
Director / 21st Century Learning & Consulting, LLC
Hillsborough, NC

What are your legal, ethical and practical responsibilities if you uncover or suspect fraud?  In this session, you will discuss what you have to do, what you should or shouldn't do and the ethical ramifications of your decision.