Florida State University Accounting Conference (FSUAC)

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Thursday, May 11, 2017
Registration and Continental Breakfast

Introduction & Opening Remarks

Morning General Sessions

Maybe It Is Rocket Science After All: Employment Law Update: The 2017 Masters Edition (Credits: 1.0 TB)

William T. Krizner
Owner and Operating Partner / The Krizner Group
Tallahassee, FL
With record litigation and a dramatic increase in governmental audits impacting local business, come join us for a fun interactive look at the areas that are most likely to create costly legal exposure at your company.  Topics to be covered will include key points of risk throughout the employment life cycle, common mistakes involving employee leave, and preparing for coming changes to federal wage and hour laws.  This is a cannot miss for small business owners, human resource professionals, and Chief Executive Officers alike!

Internal Control: Design, Review and Maintenance (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Anne Marie Hicks, CGMA,CPA
Controller / CAE USA, Inc
Tampa, FL
This session will look at the design and maintenance process for internal control environments; addressing monitoring process to ensure control adequacy; changing the design for resource impacts and lean staff; factors to consider when automating controls; and practical ‘old fashion” controls.

Economic Update - The Return of $100 Oil?: Chapter II (Credits: 1.0 TB)

Jorge R. Piñon
Director, Latin America & Caribbean Energy Program / The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX

In the last eighteen months we have seen the price of oil drop from a high of around $100 per barrel to a low of $30 per barrel earlier this year.  Recently we have seen oil prices hovering around the $50 per barrel threshold. Will it be years before oil returns to $90 or $100 a barrel?

Accounting for Leases (Credits: 1.0 AA)

J. E. Grossman, CPA, CFE, CMA, CGMA
Principal / CliftonLarsonAllen
Lakeland, FL
Time to re-evaluate your leasing strategies! This session will discuss the requirements of the new lease accounting rules, how to apply them, and the impact they may have on your financial statements.

Lunch Presentation

Lunch Presentation: Legislator (Credits: 1.0 TB)

Joe Gruters
House Office Building
Tallahassee, FL
Join our special guest legislator for a first-hand account of the 2017 Legislative session. We will review laws that passed and their impact on the State.

Afternoon General Sessions

Single Audit Update (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Lisa A. Norman, CPA
Audit Manager / State of Florida Auditor General
Tallahassee, FL
This presentation will increase attendees' understanding of the Single Audit provisions and related requirements included in the Omnibus Circular.  This presentation will communicate key processes that should be in place to help ensure compliance with these requirements.

Young Professionals & Networking: Effective Communication When You're the Youngest Person in the Room (Credits: 1.0 TB)

Lydia C. Desnoyers, CPA, CFE
Owner / Desnoyers CPA, LLC
Miami, FL
This presentation will be to empower young professionals ('millennials') by discussing the following topics:  the power of networking and following-up;  proper communication (knowing when to transition a conversation from email to a phone call); and determining and communicating their value in the workplace (being the youngest person in the room isn't a drawback).

Not for Profit - Reporting Update (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Russell J. Goolsby, CPA, CGMA, MSA
Shareholder / Moore Stephens Lovelace, PA
Tampa, FL
This will provide practical implementation guidance of the new ASU 2016-14 which changes the reporting model for non-profit organizations.  Additionally, this session will cover other trends impacting non-profits.

Tax Reform (Credits: 1.0 TB)

Brian S. Walgamott
Director of Tax Services / Thomas Howell Ferguson, PA
Tallahassee, FL

Friday, May 12, 2017
Morning General Sessions

Implementing the New Revenue Recognition Standard: Are You Ready? (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Rich Shavell, CPA,CVA
President / Shavell & Company, PA
Boca Raton, FL
The Financial Accounting Standards Board's new revenue recognition standard will eliminate transaction and industry-specific revenue recognition guidance under current U.S. GAAP and replace it with a principle-based approach. Preparing for this paradigm shift will be a formidable challenge for most companies and industries. This session strives to provide both an overview of the new revenue recognition standard and how to start planning your company's transition to the new standard. 

Financial Statements Analysis when Underwriting Residential Mortgage Loans and Commercial Loans (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Jay Ralstin
Tallahassee Manager/Past Pres. - Mortgage Bankers Assc. of FL / Waterstone Mortgage Corporation
Tallahassee, FL
Charles P. Cicchetti
Senior Vice President / Hancock Bank
Tallahassee, FL
In the first half of the session, we will review what constitutes income that is allowable to mortgage lenders for use in their underwriting of a borrower for a mortgage loan. You will learn how regulations impact analysis flexibility and ratio requirements and what needs to be considered when balancing mortgage qualifications with tax liability. And in the second half of the session, review tax returns and Personal Financial Statements to determine recurring income that can be used to complete the income portion of a business or individual’s cash flow.  To be considered recurring we will want to see at least a three (3) year history of consistent sustained income.  This income is then compared to a business or individual’s existing debt obligations after subtracting out for “living expenses” and taxes.   You will learn how we compute cash flow, and the importance of three primary factors affecting a loan decision including: cash flow, liquidity and & leverage.

GASB Update (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Kenneth Schermann
Senior Technical Advisor / Governmental Accounting Standards Board
Norwalk, CT
Mr. Finden will focus on topics of interest to practitioners, including recently issued statements and current projects. Recently issued statements include No. 72, Fair Value Measurement and Application; and No. 77, Tax Abatement Disclosures. Current projects include those for Lease Accounting, Note Disclosures and the Financial Reporting Model.

Cyber Security - What You (and Your Staff) Don't Know, Will Hurt You (Credits: 1.0 TB)

Travis J. Vogt, CPA
Landstar Systems, Inc
Jacksonville, FL
Think cyber security is a topic only relevant to IT professionals? Think again! Cyber criminals are thriving on uninformed end-users. This presentation will explore the attacker's motivations and methods, as well as ways to defend yourself and mitigate potential damage.

Lunch Presentation

Fight, Fright or Flight? Calm Your Public Speaking Fears, Enhance Your Presentations and Step Up Your Career. (Credits: 1.0 TB)

Barbara B. Strasdas, CPA
Consultant / John C. Cassidy Air Conditioning Inc
Riviera Beach, FL
The use of technology has minimalized the opportunity to speak face to face, to verbalize ideas and to respond to a person's body language.  This workshop will ease your fear, hone your speaking skills and boost your confidence.  

Afternoon General Sessions

Using an Other Comprehensive Basis of Accounting (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Julian D. Dozier, CPA, ABV, CFF, CFE
Director, Assurance Services Department / Thomas Howell Ferguson, PA
Tallahassee, FL

Not all financial statements are prepared in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America. Join us as we discuss other comprehensive bases of accounting and strategies to convert from accrual to cash.

Providing Expert Testimony as a CPA (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Steven A. Wolf, CPA, CFE, ABV/CFF, ASA
Partner Litigation Support / Cherry Bekaert LLP
Ft Lauderdale, FL
Mr. Wolf will provide an overview of the Federal Rules of Evidence and AICPA Professional Standards applicable to Litigation Services.  Mr. Wolf will then discuss how to effectively present expert findings and cover topics including discovery, analysis, report writing and providing testimony.  

Forensic Accounting Investigations (Credits: 1.0 AA)

Steven A. Wolf, CPA, CFE, ABV/CFF, ASA
Partner Litigation Support / Cherry Bekaert LLP
Ft Lauderdale, FL
Forensic Accounting Investigations - Mr. Wolf will provide an overview about his experience performing forensic investigations on behalf of his clients.  These forensic investigations often take many shapes and involve a good amount of inquiry, investigation and analytics utilizing auditing techniques to gather sufficient evidence to reach supportable conclusions.  The devil is often in the detail only a CPA can analyze.