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Judith Scott, RN, MSN, BBA

Senior Consultant
Healthcare Navigation Systems

Judith Scott RN, MSN, BBA, is a senior consultant with Healthcare Navigation Systems (HNS). She has very relevant experience in the health care delivery system; with strategic focus on the delivery of value based care. Ms. Scott provides consultation and support for outcomes improvement initiatives. She is passionate about helping providers and health systems meet required quality outcome measures and cost measures. As a consultant she also assists healthcare providers, in identifying opportunities to improve their performance, to compete with the industry benchmark standards.

Ms. Scott has had firsthand experience with the Bundle Payment program (provided comprehensive support in piloting the Medicare Bundle program at New York University (NYU) Langone Medical Center in 2013), providing care coordination support, managing the transition of care process, and eliminating gaps in care. She is experienced in developing patient centered strategies to reduced length of stay, readmission rates and ED visits, and also developing work flow processes. 

She has been licensed as a registered nurse for over 20 years, and has worked in all settings across the healthcare continuum in administrative roles. She also has a Bachelors of Business Administration and has worked extensively in business development and marketing management. As a masters prepared clinician with an extensive business background, her education and experience has prepared her to make an impact in the healthcare industry which has struggled with rising costs and unequal quality. She is passionate about “value agenda”; with the goal of maximizing value for patients, and achieving the best outcomes at the lowest cost.