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Paul Forte

Vice President
Health Plans, Inc.

As Vice President of Medical Management and Health Strategies, Paul leans on his experience with medical home studies and clinical integration strategies to support the development and oversight of care management, utilization management, disease management, wellness, health coaching, and data analytics services.
He joined Health Plans in 2011 and currently oversees the Care Management Services department, which is responsible for the management of high cost, high risk, and worried well members. The department serves to improve members' quality of care, facilitate care coordination, and improve timely access to services and healthcare, all with the purpose of reducing or stabilizing the member's cost. Paul uses patient and provider data tracking to improve systems and coordination of care.
Prior to joining Health Plans, Paul gained more than 20 years of experience in clinical integration strategies and has worked with ACO and medical home development in Massachusetts and New York, supporting an effort to bring efficiency of care back to the forefront of the healthcare industry.