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Charlyn Shelton


Director of Social Media Strategy

Social Media Visionaries


International speaker, CEO for over 30 years, Trusted advisor and Author. Charlyn brings her unparalleled business background, her social media expertise, and a life devoted to helping professionals build better relationships both online and off right to your doorstep. As the Leading LinkedIn Authority to CEO’s she has trained companies all over the world with the expertise to find and develop strategies to bring higher quality, more prosperous relationships in a shorter amount of time than ever before. NEVER cold call again! She makes the complex world of social media easy to understand the who when when where and why! Charlyn knows first hand what it’s like to overcome adversity in every possible way imagined. Starting out as an unwed mother on welfare at 17 to building a multi-million dollar company, to being crushed in a car accident and being flatlined for a year. She has the experienced every up and down in life you can imagine. Now as a Life Architect, she helps you build a soul-filled, joy-filled life at work, at home and in the most important relationship of all….with yourself. As always, her desire is to build high quality relationships both personally and professionally.