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Beatriz D. Viamontes, CPA, MBA, CHFP, Author

Assistant Vice President of Resource Management & 
Development for Student Affairs
University of South Florida

Betty Viamontes, Assistant Vice President of Resource Management and Development for Student Affairs and Student Success at the University of South Florida, was born in Havana, Cuba in 1965 and came to the United States in 1980 when she was 15 years old.  

Betty attended college in the evenings while working full time, raising a child, and caring for ill parents, which required her to manage time very effectively. She worked at Tampa General Hospital for over 23 years, rising through the ranks from manager to director and finally to Corporate Controller for a healthcare system that included approximately twelve separate companies and generated annual revenues of $1.2 billion. After 23 years, at age 53, she made the bold move to begin a new career as Assistant Vice President of Resource Management at the University of South Florida.

She is a speaker and entrepreneur who was appointed by the governor of the State of Florida to the Hillsborough Community College Board of Trustees, where she currently serves. She honors her mother, who was a teacher for years, by advocating for education in her community and most recently by joining her alma mater, the University of South Florida.
In 2017, she served as the FICPA Healthcare Conference Chair and in 2017, she was an FICPA “Women to Watch” nominee. 

Since Betty was a child, her mother always spoke to her daughter about the life that awaited her family in America. With the love and guidance her mother provided through the years, Betty embraced the promise of America. Her mother witnessed many of Betty’s accomplishments, but was not able to see the publication of Waiting on Zapote Street, but Betty hopes that as long as someone reads her mother’s story, her spirit, her determination, and the love she gave to all she met will go on forever.