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Working Smarter, Not Harder: the New Science of Getting on Top of it All - Part 2 (ACWSN220)

Date:Wednesday, October 16, 2019
Time:10:00AM - 2:00 PM
(Registration at 9:30 AM)
Facility:Webcast or Webinar, Online
CPE Credit:4.0 Behavioral
Instructor: Jonathan Robinson
Course Level:Update
Early Bird Price:$129.00 FICPA Members, $159.00 Non-Members


There is always too much to do and too little time to do it all.  Fortunately, if you know the right ways to manage people, projects and your time, you can get on top of everything by working smarter.  In Part 2 of this seminar we will go into more depth about how to get more done in less time, as well as how to not burnout from all the work you do.  We will discuss additional methods for working smarter through technology, communication, stress reduction, and creating smart and helpful goals.


•    Get the truly important work done which tends to be put off or never completed

•    Handle heavy workloads with greater ease, efficiency, and effort

•    Manage yourself and others to stay motivated, focused, and productive over a long period of time

•    Take more time to relax since you’ll finally be “on top of it all”

Major Topics:

•    Why important things don’t get done on a timely basis, and what to do about it

•    Five ways to increase productivity that almost no one ever uses

•    The four proven ways to keep yourself and your staff motivated to consistently work at the highest level

•    How to avoid feeling stressed out—even though your “to do” list is endless

•    The three time management techniques that you’re not using that are critical to your success

•    How to know and avoid what is a poor use or waste of your time

•    How to set goals that excite you, and how to guarantee they actually get done

•    Three ways to elicit help from others that ensure their cooperation and help

•    The smart things to do with the extra time you’ll have when you’re on top of it all

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