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The Power of Positive Governance: The Foundation of Organizational Growth and Success (PGOV) (SUPGOV01)

Date:Friday, April 6, 2018
Time:1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
(Registration at 12:30PM)
Facility:Webcast or Webinar, Online
CPE Credit:2.0 Technical Business
Instructor: James Hallinan
Vendor:Surgent McCoy
Course Level:Intermediate
Early Bird Price:$89.00 FICPA Members, $119.00 Non-Members

The term "Governance" has continued to receive heightened emphasis from legislators and regulators over the years. History clearly shows us that the major, high profile "scandals" of recent years as well as further back in our past, were rooted to a very large degree (if not completely) by the lack of, breakdowns in, or simply inadequate/ ineffective Governance from the top. Governance deficiencies are not isolated to the large and high profile organizations. Governance affects all businesses/ organizations indelibly. While authoritative/ reference guidance surrounding this topic of Governance can be extremely general/ conceptual, confusing, and vague at times, a sound "Governance" framework is vital to the ethical and profitable running of an enterprise. As such, the ability to effectively assess (and self-assess) the Governance structure and processes of an organization can provide enormous value to the major stakeholders of a business (or non-profit). This program is focused on providing individuals with an empowering platform for better understanding the intricacies and core elements of "good governance" and identifying strategic opportunities and practical application drivers for building (and/ or enhancing) a positive, proactive Governance framework for organizations, one that promotes and supports a sound, principled based, growth opportunity oriented (GO2), sustainable foundation for ongoing success!

  • Promote positive, principled based Governance foundations in all organizations  
  • Heighten awareness of the importance and benefits of sound Governance principles in organizations
  • Accentuate the positive role and impact each individual can have in strengthening their organization’s (and where applicable, potential client or affiliate organization’s) Governance structure, processes, and controls
  • Highlight strategic opportunities and practical application drivers for building / enhancing an organization’s vital Governance framework (as noted above) 

Major Topics:
  • Defining “Governance”
  • Introducing the Governance “Umbrella” Concept
  • The potentially severe Implications (Impact/ Consequences) of “Negative” Governance
  • The Unlimited Growth Opportunities afforded by “Good” (Positive) Governance
  • The Cornerstones of Governance: Key Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Critical Oversight Function
  • The Governance Framework: Fundamentals and Essentials
  • Key Governance Elements That Can Make ALL the Difference 
  • Identifying, Communicating, and Addressing Governance Enhancement and Reinforcement Opportunities
  • Governance Self-Assessment: The Key to Constant and Never Ending Improvement, Growth, and Success!

Who Should Attend:
Auditors, other professionals, and organizational constituents seeking to learn more about, assess, and/ or strengthen governance/ entity level controls, programs and processes

Some experience with and a working understanding of governance principles

Advanced Preparation:


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