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The Virtual CFO Series - 2018 Managing Risk (ACTVCS02)

Date:Friday, May 4, 2018
Time:1:00 AM - 10:10AM
(Registration at 12:30AM)
Facility:Webcast or Webinar, Online
CPE Credit:2.0 Technical Business
6.0 Accounting and Auditing
Instructors: John F. Levy Don Minges
Course Level:Intermediate
Early Bird Price:$245.00 FICPA Members, $295.00 Non-Members

The Virtual CFO Series Is getting your required CPE every year a struggle because of distance or scheduling constraints? Executive Education's Virtual CFO Series allows you to get an entire year's worth of CPE from the convenience of your home or office with a time commitment of just 100 minutes per week on Friday mornings. This classroom will include the following 4 courses: The CFO's Role in Strategic Risk Management May 4, 2018 9 am Central Time This century's repeated business failures and financial crises have put a new focus on identifying and strategically managing risk. Risk management standards continue to evolve and become more specific. While nominal risk management responsibility rests with the board of directors, boards are turning to the CFO to lead risk management efforts. This webcast will help you take a leadership role in strategic risk management. Systemic Risk: Six Mega-Trends Facing Organizations Today May 11, 2018 9 am Central Time What trends are occurring in the worldwide environment that could impact our industry and, more specifically, our business? In general, accountants are so detail oriented that we sometimes don't pay attention to the "bigger picture" and don't see the impact emerging business models, innovative technologies or global competition have on our organizations. Systemic risk can be defined as the "risk of breakdowns in an entire system characterized by modest tipping points combining indirectly to produce large failures, risk-sharing or contagion, as one loss triggers a chain of others, and `hysteresis,' or systems being unable to recover equilibrium after a shock." In an inter-connected, multi-polar world, potential events in one area may have global impact. This session discusses six mega-trends and how they can create both hazards and opportunities for your company. Black Swans: Prepare for the Unexpected May 18, 2018 9 am Central Time Did you ever hear the phrase, "What you don't know can't hurt you?" Nassim Nicholas Taleb, in his book, "The Black Swan" postulates that it is exactly what we don't know that can hurt us the most. The risks we need to be most concerned about are the risks we cannot identify or predict. Taleb calls these risks "Black Swans". This session will discuss some historical "Black Swan" events and, more importantly, discuss how financial professionals and their organizations can prepare for a future we cannot even envision. Ethics of Risk Management May 25, 2018 9 am Central Time Corporations often work with large amounts of other people's money with executive's reaping huge rewards for providing investors a good return. But what happens when their bets turn sour? What are reasonable and ethical risks for management to take and which ones are not? This session will examine the ethical issues relating to risk management and financial management's role in the risk management process. This ethics course provides general ethics CPE credit. It is not intended to satisfy any state specific ethics requirements unless the course description specifies that it will.


  • Learn about four topics of interest to CFOs

    Major Topics:

  • Auditing

  • Ethics

    Who Should Attend:
    Those who are or aspire to be Chief Financial Officers


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