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Fraud - Practical Approaches to Prevention & Detection (4172789E)

Date:Friday, April 27, 2018
Time:3:30 PM - 7:00 PM
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Facility:Webcast or Webinar, Online
CPE Credit:4.0 Accounting and Auditing
Instructor: Mark Dauberman
Vendor:California CPA Education Foundation
Course Level:Overview
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Regardless of the service level we provide for our clients, they and the public believe that one of our responsibilities as CPAs is fraud detection. Most fraud is committed by desperate individuals who go out of their way to cover their tracks, yet fraud is largely preventable and can be more readily detected when less conventional approaches are applied.

This course explores fraud from the perspective of those who commit it, what motivates them and how internal controls can be designed to address the motivation. In addition, we'll address the signs of fraud and means by which the risk of fraud—particularly fraudulent misstatement of financial information—can be more narrowly identified to develop more focused control activities and audit procedures.

  • Recognize the nature and characteristics of fraud and how they are significant in relation to its prevention and detection.
  • Determine what characteristics are likely to make internal controls more effective at fraud prevention.
  • Identify where controls might be needed and how to develop controls that have a greater chance at being effective at prevention.
  • Determine a methodology for developing audit procedures that more directly address areas representing greater risk.

Major Topics:
  • Nature and characteristics of fraud
  • Profile of the fraud perpetrator
  • Internal controls for fraud prevention
  • Fraud detection

Who Should Attend:

CPAs associated with financial information who wish to be part of the solution to the ever-growing fraud problem.


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