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Corporate Tax Planning: Strategies and Ideas (4173116C)

Date:Monday, January 22, 2018
Time:11:30AM - 7:00 PM
(Registration at 11:00AM)
Facility:Webcast or Webinar, Online
CPE Credit:8.0 Technical Business
Instructor: John G. McWilliams
Vendor:California CPA Education Foundation
Course Level:Intermediate
Early Bird Price:$245.00 FICPA Members, $365.00 Non-Members


Consider a variety of tax subjects related to effectively using a corporation to conduct a business. Cover information with regard to deciding to make or not make an S corp election and determining how to minimize double taxation while benefitting from lower corporate tax rates. Additionally, review topics such as the sale of the corporate business, stock redemptions, transfers of assets for stock, the risk of imposition of the personal holding company tax and the accumulated earnings tax.

  • Identify the potential double tax system applicable to corporations and shareholders.
  • Determine the differences between the corporate and the individual tax rate structures.
  • Recall the tax law applicable to non-liquidating distributions, redemptions and liquidations.
  • Determine how to use tax deductible payments to shareholders to avoid double taxation, including the risk of constructive dividends.
  • Recall special rules related to stock losses.

Major Topics:
  • Taxation of corporations and shareholders: potential double tax.
  • Tax deductible payments to avoid double tax.
  • Non-liquidating distributions, including constructive dividends.
  • Corporation and shareholder partnerships: lessening double tax.
  • Sales of corporate businesses.
  • Making or terminating the S corp election.
  • Stock sales using Section 1045, 1042 or 1202.
  • Losses on stock dispositions.
  • Tax planning using redemptions.
  • Risk of personal holding company or accumulated earnings tax.
  • Transfers of property for stock: Section 351

Who Should Attend:

CPAs and attorneys with at least two years of experience advising privately owned businesses.

An understanding of the taxation of corporations, S corps and partnerships.

Advanced Preparation:


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