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Form 1041: Down to the Basics (4171495C)

Date:Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Time:11:30AM - 7:00 PM
(Registration at 11:00AM)
Facility:Webcast or Webinar, Online
CPE Credit:8.0 Technical Business
Instructor: Jacqueline A. Patterson, JD, CPA, MBT
Vendor:California CPA Education Foundation
Course Level:Basic
Early Bird Price:$245.00 FICPA Members, $365.00 Non-Members


Review the fundamentals of the fiduciary entity, fiduciary accounting and taxation. From inception to completion, practitioners analyze Form 1041 and use a spreadsheet to track the different calculations necessary for accurate preparation. This course will also review recent tax law changes that impact Form 1041, provide tools and schematics to assist in navigating various problem situations and improve the overall comprehension of what to look for when reviewing a Form 1041 submitted by another practitioner.

  • Identify the basic components of a fiduciary entity.
  • Review the state and federal laws that drive a fiduciary entity.
  • Recognize the relationship among the different authorities that impact accounting and tax treatments.
  • Determine tax law changes that impact Form 1041 and analyze Form 1041 from inception to completion.
  • Identify how to review a Form 1041 submitted by another practitioner.

Major Topics:
  • Introduction to the fiduciary entity
  • Fiduciary accounting fundamentals
  • Subchapter J, DNI and the Distribution Deduction
  • Simple and complex trusts
  • Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) for fiduciary entities
  • Form 1041 updates
  • Special problem situations

Who Should Attend:

Practitioners who prepare or review Form 1041.


Advanced Preparation:


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